While Manchester Airport (MAN) primarily handles international flights, some domestic connections exist within the UK. However, Leicester itself doesn’t have its own airport, so flying directly from Manchester isn’t an option. Fear not, travelers! This guide explores the most efficient and convenient ways to navigate your journey from Manchester to Leicester.

    Understanding Your Options:

    While flying isn’t directly possible, a combination of air travel to a nearby airport and onward travel by train or bus is the most efficient way to bridge the gap. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

    • Fly to East Midlands Airport (EMA): This is the closest airport to Leicester, located approximately 31 miles (50 km) away. Several airlines operate regular flights from Manchester to East Midlands, including Flybe, Ryanair, and easyJet. Flight times are typically under an hour.

    • Consider Birmingham Airport (BHX): Located roughly 57 miles (92 km) from Leicester, Birmingham Airport offers another option. Airlines like Flybe, KLM, and Emirates fly this route, with journey times averaging around 45 minutes.

    Booking Your Flights:

    • Compare Prices and Schedules: Utilize online travel aggregators like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights to compare prices and flight schedules from various airlines. Consider booking in advance, especially during peak season, to secure the best deals.

    • Factor in Baggage Fees: Pay attention to baggage allowances and any associated fees. Budget airlines often have lower base fares but may charge extra for checked luggage. Consider packing light to avoid these additional costs.

    Connecting to Leicester:

    • Trains from East Midlands Airport: East Midlands Airport boasts a dedicated train station directly beneath the terminal building. Regular trains operate towards Leicester, with a journey time of approximately 25 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online or at the station.

    • Trains from Birmingham Airport: Birmingham International Airport also has a train station conveniently located within the terminal. Trains to Leicester take roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. Booking tickets in advance is recommended, especially during peak travel times.

    • Coach Services: National Express coaches offer a more budget-friendly option for onward travel from both East Midlands Airport and Birmingham Airport. Journey times are slightly longer than trains (around 1-1.5 hours), but coach travel can be a good choice for those on a tight budget also Taxi Manchester Airport to Leicester

    Planning Your Arrival:

    • Pre-book Taxis or Ride-Sharing: Consider pre-booking a taxi or ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft for your onward journey from the train station in Leicester. This can be a convenient option, especially if you arrive with luggage.

    • Public Transportation: Leicester has a well-connected public transport system. If you’re comfortable navigating unfamiliar surroundings, consider using buses or trams to reach your final destination from the train station. Explore the Leicester City Council website for detailed public transport information

    Additional Considerations:

    • Layover Time: If you choose to fly into Birmingham Airport, be mindful of the additional travel time by train compared to East Midlands. Factor in enough layover time between your flights and onward travel to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

    • Alternative Travel Options: While not the fastest option, consider taking the train directly from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Leicester. This journey takes approximately 2-2.5 hours but can be a scenic and relaxing way to travel, especially if you enjoy train journeys.


    Flying from Manchester to Leicester may not be a direct route, but with careful planning and this guide as your reference, you can navigate your journey seamlessly. By comparing flight options, choosing the most convenient onward travel method, and planning your arrival in Leicester, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. So, pack your bags, book your flights and trains, and get ready to explore the vibrant city of Leicester!

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